Sunday, 19 April 2009

Lesson Plan (Week 15)

Lesson Plan TP (2009)- Week 15

Lesson Plan (Week 14)

Lesson Plan TP (2009)- Week 14

Lesson Plan( Week 13)

Lesson Plan TP (2009)- Week 13

Lesson Plan (Week 11)

Lesson Plan TP (2009)- Week 11

Lesson Plan (Week 9)

Lesson Plan TP (2009)- Week 9

Week 15 : Second Semester (13/4/09)

::::::::::: PRIMARY 3A (7.30-8.00 AM)::::::::::::

For this week lesson, I asked them to to draw using the MS Paint but to produce a birthday card. Before they start draw the card, I showed some examples of the card from the internet. At least, give them the ideas what to draw such as cakes, balloons, candles and etc. But they haven't completed the card, they to continue to their next lesson.

::::::::::: PRIMARY 1A (9.30-10.00 AM)::::::::::::
After they recited the prayer, I aksed them to sit infront and questioning them about what they have done in the previous lesson. Then, I showed them again how to open MS Word 2007 and I asked them to insert A-Z again. But this time after they have completed, I asked them what did they have entered, was it capital letters or small letters. Then, I showed them how to produce the capital letters using the CAPS LOCK. So far, they have followed all the instructions and really do it.

Week 14: Second Semester (6/4/09)

:::::::: PRIMARY 3A (7.30-8.00 AM):::::::

For this week, I give my students activity on Paint. As usual, they recited prayer before they start their lesson. For this activity, I asked them to draw a house using. I asked them, what are the tools that can help them to draw a house. Some of them managed to answer, using the shapes of square, rectangles and lines. I remind them, they can choose the thickness of the lines. Well, there is one girl called Farhana, she managed to draw a nice house and she used the tools very well. I just reward her by giving her $1 money for her present, and her house really impressed me. It was really unplanned reward.

:::::::: PRIMARY 1A (9.30-10.00 AM):::::::

Before they started their lesson, I showed them the steps on how to open MS Word 2007. I explained to them,what they need to do once opened the MS Word 2007. They have to type in A-Z using the keyboard. So far, about 60% of the students be able to finish the A-Z. Some of them were asking how to delete and go to the new lines. I just have to show them by press the 'ENTER' button to go to the next line and 'BACKSPACE' button to erase the words.